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In 1985,  Mr. Allen Conti founded BrokerOne. We are a Fiduciary. That means putting YOU First. Our  financial objectives are to develop strategies enabling you to achieve Your Goals. Our Strategies include: identification of financial problems, cashflow and budget management, tax direction, risk exposure reviews, active investment management, education funding, retirement advice, estate advice, charitable goals, special needs advice, family business succession issues, fringe benefits,and other issues specific to the client.
    Allen C. Conti

Allen has 14 patents to his name. He was President and owner of a design and engineering firm that worked with National & International TeleCoMs He has developed 1/f MARKET analysis software using AI and fractal tools. 

Member: FIFA, Society of American Inventors, Mathematical Association of America, N.A.S.D. N_Nets, 

His interests include: Programming of Financial Analysis software, Option Strategies and Analysis, Blockchain, Python scripting, DeFi . ChatGPT AI

         Shane A.Conti
        Strategy and Analysis

Shane is a Registered Investment Advisor, and  favors a common sense investment approach grounded in high quality assets.


He has enjoyed investing since a young age. He bought his first stock at age 7 and still owns it's shares today.


After graduated from Youngstown State University, he has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Currently he and his wife Jenns spend their time traveling the World. He has compiled photos, and drone-shot videos in over 30 countries, and is in the process of cataloging them for a number of books and videos.






 Our mission is to get to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals. We want to help you develop, implement a strategy that’s uniquely designed to address your individual situation. Why not CONTACT US today?

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